Roof Materials to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Rainwater is a valuable resource for numerous reasons, including the benefit of regulating the temperature within a home and reducing the amount of electricity consumed during the summer months. With this resource, a homeowner can reduce her or his environmental footprint while effectively harvesting heat from the sun during the winter months. Additionally, this resource provides a healthy lawn free from erosion, maintenance, repair costs, and a home’s foundation protection.

However, many individuals may not realize how important a roof or the materials used to create the roof can affect an individual’s overall well-being.

The roofing comprises many different elements, including the shingles, tiles, gutter systems, and valleys that aid in proper water drainage.

A green roof collects rainwater water, as the greenery buffers the water on the roof structure, the soil and drainage layer below. This material further delays the release of precipitation to the sewer system cleans the rainfall and decreases the risk of flooding from the accumulated water. All these benefits help stabilize the groundwater content, reduce the risk of soil erosion, reduce the peak load on the sewer system, and lower the risk of flooding associated with improper storm drainage. Thus, a green roof provides a homeowner with several environmental benefits while significantly improving the home’s energy efficiency.

Many homeowners are unaware of the extent of the role that vegetation can play in improving their homes in various ways. In addition to providing a greener, healthier living space, green roofs create the perfect stormwater drain, helping to keep excess rainfall away from your foundations and property. Further, vegetation blankets can help regulate the temperature within your home and reduce the amount of electricity needed during the hot months of the year. These benefits make green roofing a wise, affordable, long-term investment for one’s home.

Green roofs are not the sole thing that enhances the lifestyle, money cycle, and curb appeal of a homeowner’s house. Take heed of the infographic below that the well-known company for providing roof repair services, Fahey Roofing Contracting, shares all the roof materials that will improve one’s rooftop.


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