Published Infographics

My Academic & Professional Roadmap

Ali Al-Bayaty Email 9/2020 This is considered the first submitted and published infographic at JIMIRA as well as it illustrates ...
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Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812-1813

Ali Al-Bayaty Email 9/2020 On the 20th of November 1869, in Paris, Charles Joseph Minard depicted his infographic to illustrate ...
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History and Evolution of Unix

Ali Al-Bayaty Email 9/2020 This infographic depicts the history and evolution of Unix and Unix-like systems from 1969 till 2019 ...
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Top 5 Business-Friendly Spots in Dubai

So many entrepreneurs come to Dubai with a dream of setting up a successful business there, and it works! That’s ...
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4 Most Popular Siding Materials in America

Some see siding only as an additional aesthetic, but more than that. It is also an important layer of protection ...
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VoIP Industry Statistics

VoIP business phone services and solutions are the business industry’s new and improved way to communicate with clients, partners, and ...
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Roof Materials to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Rainwater is a valuable resource for numerous reasons, including the benefit of regulating the temperature within a home and reducing ...
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Cryptocurrency Investments Life-Cycle

Ali Al-Bayaty Email 7/2021 Cryptocurrency, aka crypto, is a decentralized digital asset/money used to buy and sell online products and ...
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