History and Evolution of Unix

Ali Al-Bayaty Email 9/2020 This infographic depicts the history and evolution of Unix and Unix-like systems from 1969 till 2019 for the open-source, closed-source, and mixed/shared-source operating systems [1]. References: [1] “History of Unix.” Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Unix (accessed Sep. 23, 2020).  

Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812-1813

Ali Al-Bayaty Email 9/2020 On the 20th of November 1869, in Paris, Charles Joseph Minard depicted his infographic to illustrate Napoleon’s Russian Campaign and his army losses during the invasion and then the retreating, in 1812 and 1813. This infographic, which is also termed as Napoleon’s March or The Minard’s Graphic, demonstrates the statistical and […]