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What are Infographics?
Editorial Team Primary Goal
Authors Group and Profiles
The Scope and Aim of JIMIRA

JIMIRA as Journal of Infographics in Multidisciplinary Initiatives, Research, and Articles does not constrain to a specific viewpoint of academic, industrial, and scientific fields, but instead, it is dedicated to a broad range of topics of these fields. JIMIRA encourages authors and contributors to format and organize their ideas and initiatives, state-of-the-art research topics, as well as previously published papers and articles to simple, well-organized, and straightforward Infographics.

N.B. JIMIRA is also a Japanese adjective word (地味ら — jimi-ra) that means sober, thoughtful, or serious.


What are Infographics?

Infographics are a collection of illustrations, figures, graphics, charts, tables, and other information representations that aim to illustrate textual information and ideas visually. Infographics make life easier in the way of understanding and absorbing the knowledge much faster than the textual formatting, since “one picture is worth a thousand words,” Fred R. Barnard. Moreover, infographics are graphical representations of data or knowledge that are intended to present and demonstrate such information quickly and clearly, so that they can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance and develop the readers’ and scholars’ visual system’s ability to recognize patterns and trends distinctly [Wikipedia].


Editorial Team Primary Goal

The primary goal of the editorial team is to maintain the high quality of academic, industrial, and scientific publications. There will be a commitment to expediting the time taken for the publication of infographics. The infographics that are sent for review will have names of the authors anonymized with a high objectivity and fairness perspectives view to enhance the blind-reviewing process and professional editorial workflow. The editorial team reserves the right and duties to reject infographics without sending them out for review, if and only if such infographics were not abiding by good academic, industrial, and scientific conduct as well as research ethics.


Authors Group and Profiles

All JIMIRA authors are active members of this group upon successful registration and activation processes. Members are able to customize their profiles, send/receive messages to/from other members, add selected members as friends, change their sign-in passwords, as well as check the JIMIRA site notifications.

N.B. Authors’ profiles are available to the public, so that sensitive personal details and social information should be carefully chosen.


The Scope and Aim of JIMIRA

The infographics of this journal are multidisciplinary, in nature, and exceptionally welcome for submissions. The scope and aim of this journal focused on the following disciplines and trends of different fields, which are:

Accounting & Finance
Aerospace & Aviation
Agriculture & Vegetation
Animals & Wildlife
Artificial Intelligence
Arts & Crafts
Astronomy & Space
Computer Science
Designs & Photography
Earth & Nature
Economy & Markets
Education & Learning
Energy & Power
Engineering Sciences
Entertainments & Travels
Ethics & Morals
Family & Friends
Foods & Nutrition
General Sciences
Geography & Maps
Geology & Seismology
Health & Sports
History & Civilizations
Humans & Anthropology
Immigration & Nationality Acts
Industry & Commerce
Information Technology
Innovations & Patents
Knowledge & Skills
Languages & Phonology
Laws & Regulations
Lifestyle & Wellness
Management & Leadership
Medical Sciences
Military & Politics
Philosophy & Critical Thinking
Plants & Forests
Protocols & Standards
Psychology & Sociology
Quantum & Nanotechnology
Reading & Literature
Religions & Cultures
Robotic Sciences
Stocks & FOREX
Transportation & Logistics
Weather & Environment